About Candlestar

About Candlestar

Since it was formed in 2003, Candlestar has specialised in the development of innovative projects in art and education. No matter how big or how small, Candlestar excels at creating new ideas and in making those ideas work. We thrive on complexity and tight timetables. We help corporate clients realise major projects in the arts from the development of the Prix Pictet for the Pictet Group to a European Art Prize for the Sovereign Group. We have helped to establish new art fairs and exhibitions and launched new artistic careers.

We have curated exhibitions throughout the world for clients as diverse as the Pictet Group, Hyatt Hotels, and the World Photography Organisation.

From the Strood Academy and the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design to INTO University Partnerships, we have helped new ventures establish themselves in the world of education.

We curate and we create and, underpinning all that we do, we communicate – we have created communications strategies in education for small organisations such as Wimbledon School of Art to large multinational operations such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU).

Candlestar has unrivalled international networks. We have a small dedicated team of full-time staff and part-time collaborators who are dedicated to the delivery of work of the highest quality.

Fariba Farshad, Director Candlestar & Co-Founder, Photo London

Fariba Farshad was born in Iran and moved to Paris in 1983 and subsequently to London in 1986. Her 12 years at the London Institute, now the University of the Arts London started in 1991 when she took up the post of Principal Lecturer in computer design. In 1997 she spearheaded the development of the IT Research and Development Unit, the centre for research in the application of technology in the arts and art education. As a curator and pioneer of creative education, she has been responsible for developing ground-breaking projects which established the Unit as of centre of excellence for the innovative use of digital media which brought her many awards including a Bafta nomination, during a key period at the University of the Arts.

She is renowned as a champion of the work of contemporary Iranian artists. Her 2008 show Whispered Secrets, Murmuring Dreams introduced many young contemporary Iranian to a Western audience. Her ground-breaking exhibition, Masques of Shahrazad (2009), showcased the work of three generations of Iranian women artists and toured internationally. Her most recent exhibition, Burnt Generation, showcased life in Iran through the lens of eight major photographers, which opened at Somerset House in 2014, and is currently touring globally. She led the development of the Conde Nast College of Fashion & Design, which opened in London in 2013. She is co-Founder with Michael Benson of Candlestar, a company that specialises in the creation and development of major new international cultural initiatives including the Gulf Art Fair (now Art Dubai) and the Prix Pictet. She is co-founder and co-Director of Photo London.

Michael Benson, Director Candlestar & Co-Founder, Photo London

Michael Benson’s career in education and the arts spans over 20 years. He is an award-winning writer and a film producer – his videos with Gustav Metzger and John Berger were released in 2003 and 2004 respectively. For ten years he worked at the London Institute, now the University of the Arts in London, where he was responsible for developing the London Institute Gallery where he built an exhibition programme showcasing the work of outstanding students alongside leading contemporary artists, designers and photographers including Julian Opie, Richard Deacon, Nicola Hicks, Mike Leigh and Tom Hunter.  He led the campaign to secure a new home for Chelsea School of Arts at Millbank, and uniting the various faculties under the name of the University of the Arts. In addition he developed Signatures of the Invisible a major touring exhibition in collaboration with CERN.

With Fariba Farshad he founded Candlestar in 2003. He is Director of Prix Pictet,international photography prize, founded by Pictet Group in 2008, for which he has curated over 50 exhibitions worldwide. Between 2011 – 2014 he also curated the Sony World Photography Award exhibition. He and Fariba Farshad developed and now run Photo London. He is a member of the board of the Foundation for the Exhibition of Photography and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.



Photograph: Daniel Beltrá, Oil Spill #4: Oil mixed with dispersant rises up to the surface near one of the relief wells, 18 May 2010, Gulf of Mexico, United States, Series: Spill