Peter Blake – In Print

Peter Blake – In Print

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Candlestar presented Peter Blake – In Print, the sixth exhibition to emerge from a partnership with the luxury five-star hotel Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill. This retrospective exhibition was the first solo show that Candlestar put on at the Hyatt Regency. Peter Blake, the Godfather of British Pop Art, produced a plethora of iconic imagery, including, most notoriously the cover of The Beatles Sgt Pepper album.

Blake is best known for his striking and colourful collages, some which are beautifully and intricately detailed and neutrally coloured, while others are bolder, even brash, in their use of colour. Blake’s bolder work invites the viewer to share his sense of amazed awe at the many iconic celebrity figures who have fascinated him over his long career. They mark his own fascination with the lifestyle of his heroes.

This show was a rare occasion for Sir Peter to exhibit his work outside of a traditional gallery space.


Banner image: Peter Blake, Homage to Damien Hirst, The Butterfly Man Hollywoodland, Silkscreen print, 2011