1000 Years 1000 Words

1000 Years 1000 Words

‘The book is like a crystal – with so many facets and refractions of light’ – John Berger

Commissioned by the Royal Mail/Camberwell Press, 2000.
Words by Michael Benson
Design by Trickett & Webb

Best Books of the Year…1000 Years 1000 Words: A Celebration of the Royal Mail Millennium Stamps Project

Jonathan Glancey savours a little millennium project that has the rest licked

This beautiful book showcases all 48 stamps of last year’s millennium stamp programme; each is overlaid with specially commissioned poetry by the writer Michael Benson. To echo the theme, the pages are perforated, while the book is handbound to give an impression of an envelope wrapped around the text.

‘The framing of the stamps and the typesetting are imaginative and finely executed while the texts spin like a top through the book, some funny, some rueful, other bordering on the incomprehensible. It doesn’t matter, the effect as a whole speaks volumes. British art, design, wit and whimsy squeezed into a book no bigger than hymns ancient and modern. This tiny book sings a song of British creativity with far greater clarity than the dumb dome in Greenwich…’

Guardian Online, Friday November 24, 2000

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