The Prix Pictet Commissions

The Prix Pictet Commissions

Prix Pictet held an exhibition of the four Commission winners from its previous editions in the Courtyard Rooms of Somerset House from 10 – 31 October 2013.

Munem Wasif – Salt Water Tears: Lives Left Behind in Satkhira, Bangladesh, 2008
Munem Wasif’s images from the Sarkhira region of south-west Bangladesh show the severe water problems related to natural disasters and unplanned shrimp farming. These have resulted in a steady rise in the salinity of the water table, forcing people to venture huge distances to find fresh water.

Ed Kashi – Madagascar, A Land Out of Balance, 2009
Madagascar is classified as one of the world’s top three ‘hotspots’ for biodiversity; yet it is also one of the poorest and most environmentally threatened countries in the world. Ed Kashi’s photographs show the compromised beauty of this threatened island, and the projects that are helping communities develop sustainable practices.

Chris Jordan – Ushirikiano: Building a Sustainable Future in Kenya’s Northern Rangelands, 2011
Ushirikiano (partnership or collaboration in Swahili) examines the communities that inhabit Kenya’s Northern Rangelands, where poverty, drought and wildlife poaching threaten their precarious existence.

Simon Norfolk – The Disaster Season, 2013
Simon Norfolk’s photographs follow the cycle of the seasons in Bamyan Province in Afghanistan’s Central Highlands, where small farming communities battle against the harsh climate to eke our a living. Communities face disasters such as droughts, floods and landslides, and are being taught risk-reduction strategies so that they can protect themselves from future threats.


Chris Jordan, Samburu Elder, Lemasulani Letarekeri, after performing healing ritual with skull of elephant killed by poachers, Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, Kenya, 2011

Ed Kashi, White hands covered in the clay that dries and hardens the mahampu reeds used for weaving fencing and the manufacture of baskets and mats, Madagascar, 2009

Munem Wasif, Sharoshoti Munda and Rubala Munda are waiting for their pitchers to be filled with water from the only filters in the area. They had to stand in a queue for hours like hundreds of others. Patrakhola, Sathira, Bangladesh, 2008

Simon Norfolk, Tanks, Bamyan Province, Afghanistan, 2013