Newsha Tavakolian produces collaborative book with WISE Initiative

Newsha Tavakolian produces collaborative book with WISE Initiative

Award-winning Iranian photographer and cinematographer Newsha Tavakolian is releasing a new book, which she has produced in collaboration with the WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) Initiative. The book will contain images of various different education environments around the world – which is at the heart of the work the WISE Initiative do.

Speaking about the project, Newsha said “As soon as we started travelling, I realised education could be a much more exciting subject than I’d originally thought. I remember our first destination, a small school outside Accra, in Ghana. The school building was very simple, made up of small rooms with minimal furniture. But suddenly the kids took out Kindles and here they were, 10-year-olds reading Virginia Woolf on digital devices in a remote African village! I was amazed. I really wasn’t expecting to see such a thing there. Technology has certainly opened up so many opportunities, giving access to a wealth of information and resources for so many.”

WISE has commissioned Graham Brown-Martin, former Founder of Learning Without Frontiers and Founder of Education Design Labs, to write the next WISE Book, which will be illustrated by Newsha’s creative photography.

Candlestar will be curating a selection of images from the book to be displayed on the launch night at The Royal Society of Arts. 

A gallery of images which will be in the book can be seen below.