Christian Houge

Christian Houge, born in 1972, lives and works in Norway. After finishing his studies in Oxford in 1992 with an arts major, he has worked with both photography, film and installations exploring the relation between nature and culture. Environmental issues and the consequences of Man is an important part of this.

Christian’s large-scale photographic series include panorama projects like Arctic Technology and The Seedvault and  Barentsburg ( a Russian coal mining community which is set on a remote island between Greenland and the North Pole. Here Christian explores the ideas of Man versus the manmade, primal landscapes versus technology and culture built around natural resources leading to global changes in climate. Technological installations search for answers to climate change while the seed vault protects the most important seeds of biodiversity from natural or manmade disasters.

His Darkness Burns Bright series are large unique installations with uv print on cowhide, beeswax,ash and gold leaf. This organic series explores how wolves may invite viewers to mirror their own nature and the non-verbal in this stigmatized animal representing some of the last true nature which has not been overrun by Man and culture.

The series has  been shown in international galleries and museums, as well as being part of art/climate/awareness symposiums (Johnson Museum, New York).

His endeavor and exploration has earned awards as well as two nominations from annual Prix Pictet Awards on sustainability in Fine Art Photography for the themes Earth and Power.

His work from the Arctic Technology series is now on a three year US/Canada tour with the exhibition Vanishing Ice (Museum of Washington). Three of his series make up the exhibition Paradise Lost which is touring Chinese museums at the moment.

Christian has exhibited his works internationally in solo and group shows at museums, institutions and galleries throughout the past twenty years.