Lucy and Jorge Orta

Lucy Orta

Although Lucy trained as a fashion designer at Nottingham Trent University, she has worked as a visual artist since the early 1990s. Lucy has worked to realise what she calls ‘architectures with soul’ – objects that respond to a critical and constructive gaze on the most sensitive areas of society, evoking the need for change, poetically prefiguring reality and suggesting alternative lifestyles. She has produced numerous interventions and actions putting on stage crucial themes of contemporary world: the community and social exclusion, dwelling, mobility, sustainable development and recycling among others.

Jorge Orta

Trained in both fine arts and architecture, Jorge began his career as a painter graduating from the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Architecture from the University of Rosario. In response to the censorship of the Argentine military regime his practice broadened to include the avant-garde and alternative forms of visual communication such as mail art and performance, widely practiced throughout South America in the 1970s. He was the first artist in Argentina to explore video and light projections and creating highly controversial public installations in the height of the dictatorship.