Shahriar Ahmadi

Shahriar Ahmadi was born in Kamiaran, Iran in 1979. He is a member of Iranian Society of Painters of Iran and Kermanshahand Member of Visual Arts Society of Iran.

Through Shahriar Ahmadi’s radiant, multicolour palette, deployed upon monochromatic backgrounds, he explores emotional and psychological territories of thought inspired by the poems of legendary Sufi mystic Rumi. With his series ‘Rumi in my Chalice’, Ahmadi has drawn on the 13th century poet’s themes of love and philosophical contemplation, using his canvas as a metaphor for a chalice. Upon the massive surfaces, through abstracted compositions, a range of emotions are explored, from anxiety to playful abandon.

His considerable talent has seen his works at over fifty solo and group exhibitions in London, Iran, United States and China, and garnered him a brace of awards.