Tahereh Samadi Tari

Born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran, Tahereh Samadi Tari studied at the Art University and the Azad University, Tehran. Her paintings, characterised by a muted palette, often depict solitary figures in ambiguous urban settings. She uses a hazy painterly style, and her compositions remind of photography and even cinematography. Her canvasses often border on a sort of mysterious geometric abstraction. As she puts it, “these paintings are part of our vague thoughts about life and our destination, what that would be?”

Tahereh has exhibited numerous times in Tehran, London and New York, including Candlestar’s Whispered Secrets, Murmuring Dreams and Masques of Shahrazad. Tahereh’s work was included in the Contemporary Arab and Iranian Art sale at Sotheby’s, London in 2008.