Yasmine Esfandiary

Yasmine Esfandiary’s practice involves an investigation into her personal experiences of culture and mysticism. Her exposure to both Eastern and Western cultures started when she was very young. As the daughter of an Iranian diplomat, Yasmine was privy to the cultural, political and religious realms of the many Middle Eastern and European countries she and her family resided in.

The experiences Yasmine had while living within these different cultures initiated an internal dialogue around her personal identity and sparked a line of questions as to which culture she belonged to. Realising that her personal identity lies somewhere between Eastern and Western cultures, Yasmine creates work that exists within these two, at times, opposing, worlds.

Yasmine’s childhood memories are filled with patterns and symbols of vibrant colours from the Eastern world which she reinterprets and reconstructs through Western materials and techniques acquired during her art studies in France and the United States.